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A Living Lab

The Sacramento Urban Technology Lab (SUTL) is where government, academia and industry collaborate to transform Sacramento into that of a living laboratory for entrepreneurs, advanced technology businesses, and academic institutions to test, develop, and scale their ideas, products, and services.


We're transforming the regulatory process at all levels of government to embrace emerging technologies.


We're commercializing university research and connecting new talent with high-wage jobs.


We're offering startups and other companies unprecedented access to a real-world testbed.

Focus Areas

SUTL aims to bring awareness to current and future City initiatives as well as develop programming to support the growth of the following industry verticals in Sacramento:


Sacramento recognizes autonomous, along with connected, shared, and electric, vehicles as the next frontier of transportation. While some of these technologies, such as electric vehicles and ride sharing, are fairly well socialized in our everyday lives, newer technologies are still being regulated by governments and introduced to the public. Improvements in vehicle technology coupled with increasing interest in private infrastructure investments offer a significant opportunity for the City to demonstrate government leadership toward increased integration in Sacramento.

Clean Tech and Sustainability

According to the EPA’s Framework for Sustainability, “current patterns of economic and social development are placing pressures upon natural resources, and may threaten the continued health and prosperity of human societies... [and] it is clear that a significant transformation of human production and consumption patterns will be needed in order to enable continued economic growth while protecting critical environmental resources.” The City of Sacramento has been a leader in our region in moving towards sustainability and livability and there is a broadening public interest in sustainability and clean tech throughout the world.

Health IT and Life Sciences

As the medical field becomes more innovative and global information sharing becomes more accessible, so will means of protecting and sharing patient and medical data. In Sacramento, the home of the University of California(UC), Davis Medical Center and location of many major healthcare researchers and providers, health information technology (health IT) makes it possible for health care providers to better manage patient care through secure use and sharing of health information. As this field grows, new programs and technologies are in development that improve quality of life, patient data security and accessibility, equity of access to all citizens.

Food Systems

Agriculture is a huge engine in our region and Sacramento’s Farm to Fork movement is growing as local restaurants and stores are being more deliberate in sourcing food locally. As residents embrace community gardens and farmer’s markets, to truly become America’s Farm to Fork capitol, we need to take into consideration where our food is grown, produced, and distributed. Truly understanding these things will help address larger issues such as food deserts, air pollution caused by food transportation, and access to healthy eating choices.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Cybersecurity

Everything from our watches and furniture to city infrastructure is becoming “smart”. More and more devices are developing the capability to connect to take in data about usage and their environments. While this is making our decisions as consumers and government entities more informed and efficient, this connectivity makes us vulnerable to data breeches and increases the potential for personal information to be more readily accessible. In this way, the field of cybersecurity is becoming more important and will play a critical role in many fields.

Gov Tech and Civic Tech

In the age of social media, citizens and governments (should they choose to pay attention) have a much higher level of visibility into what is going on in the communities that matter most to them. This behooves governments to design their processes, many of which are very ingrained, in a manner that is open and accountable to residents. This coupled with the trend of city governments choosing to embrace innovation and find new ways for City Hall to operate, makes government towns an ideal testbed for developing new processes and means of engagement.

Workforce Development

While workforce development is encompassed in every vertical of SUTL, it is a key enough part of the equation that it needs to be specifically addressed. MOFIE is committed to working with companies in Sacramento and looking to come to Sacramento, but without the trained workforce, Sacramento’s economy cannot be sustained. To that end, local colleges and universities are crucial to ensure that the programming is in place to train the future workforce and that those institutions are connected to what the City is doing to ensure that students have access to real-world, hands-on projects in their fields.

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Demonstration Partnerships

We collaborate with companies and organizations who are committed to improving quality of life for all of Sacramento's residents.


Verizon 5G Joint Development Partnership

Verizon announced that their first commercial launch will be in Sacramento – the first scaled commercial practical implementation of 5G in the nation. It’s expected to be implemented in the second half of 2018. This deployment will deliver super high-speed wireless 5G connectivity for Sacramento businesses and residents who will be the first to experience gigabit speeds that were previously only available via costly fiber.

Electrify America Green City Pilot

Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America has designated Sacramento as the first Green City in its Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Investment Plan. Under this initiative, Electrify America will invest $44 million in Sacramento by 2020 to catalyze a transformational shift in mobility to zero-emission technologies by installing charging infrastructure, conducting outreach and education, and implementing programs designed to increase access to and use of ZEVs.

Electrify America